Project Pier

Found this cool open source project management software called Project Pier. It is essential a free, host it your self version of Basecamp. Which is great cause I don’t have a lot of money and now I get unlmited clients, projects, messages everything. It’s easy to install, just upload it to your server, create a MySQL database and you’re good to go. So far I have liked it, we will see how things go when I start using it with clients. More to come

Got some new domains

I decided that it was time to register some new domains for Project Designs. So went out and got,, and

Now the big question is which one should I promote? All of them, including the .org that I already use, will all go to Project Designs. But which one should I promote in emails, business cards etc.

I’m thinking just because it’s a .com. What do you guys think? Which one sounds/looks better?